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Published on 15 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Let Us Discuss Some Of The Advantages Of Using O2 Money Cards

O2 money is the best and the latest power given to the consumers in the world of finance. A customer can simply make use of their mobile phones to always be full with cash whenever they need it. And in today’s time it is the best way to stay armed with maximum purchasing power via O2 money, for almost everyone in this world owns a mobile phone.

The O2 money cash cards can actually help you to make any purchases or go on a vacation and spend money using the card. You can also use these cards on everyday spending too.

Now, let’ zero-in on some of the benefits of having an O2 money cards:

You can transfer money easily to your card from any bank account anytime.
You use the card to spend the money on things that you want to.
You can always keep track of your spending with the help of text messages delivered to your cell phone on request.
The best part is that like credit cards, O2 money cards don’t have any credit or overdraft facility. So you get to pay only as much money loaded in the card. You have absolutely no chance to run into any kind of debt.
You can manage your card online

Remember, that all 02 cash money manager cards act like debit cards, and each card has its own chip and pin number for safety purposes. So, even if you lose your card, then there’s absolutely no need to panic, for your no one can tamper with your available cash in the card. You just need to inform about the details about your lost card, and the concerned authorities will make sure that you don’t lose your money.

In order to protect yourself from any kind of card related threats, here are few tips you must keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you divulge in front of anyone your PIN number.
  2. Make sure you keep changing the password for the sake of safety, and use different passwords for different websites.
  3. Pick a password that cannot be easily guessed.
  4. it’s better to memorize your password rather than jotting it down on some paper.
  5. Make sure you choose a PIN with an irregular pattern.

So, O2 cash cards are extremely convenient mode of payment and you just need to be a bit careful to avoid any kind of online threats.


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