Compare 0% Purchase Intro Rate Credit Cards

Published on 12 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Compare 0% Purchase Intro Rate Credit Cards

If you are looking for a credit card that offers 0% on new purchases then consider some of the credit cards listed above. All offer a new purchase rate of 0% for over 6 months and in most cases between 9 and 12 months giving you better value for money.

All introductory new purchase rates are up to date but please note that offers may change by the credit card provider. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of the credit card company prior to signing up

Enjoy Financial Freedom With The Credit Cards And Reduce The Debt

Are you looking for some financial freedom? The first step towards the freedom is reduction of debt from credit cards. Due to the steep competition among the credit card companies they tend to attract customers with lucrative introductory offers, gimmicky promotions and cash advance cheque. The low introductory rates offered can in no time get converted to 30% annual rate of percentage. Reducing the debts on credit cards is a must if you are looking for some kinds of financial freedom.

  • While preparing a list of the credit cards you have to make sure that the smallest amount is placed on the top and at the bottom should be the largest balance. Payment due on individual cards must also be mentioned. The minimum payments on the cards go down with the balance; this is turn leads to exponential increase in the payoff time.

  • It is better to limit the use of credit cards at one point of time. Try to make cash payments when you are out for shopping. You can never come out of the debt trap unless you are limiting your card use.

  • Try to pay the minimum current payment every month. The minimum payment gets reduced as the balance goes down. Make sure you are not reducing the minimum payment of yours. This procedure can help you to reduce the amount of debt from our credit cards.

  • You can boost up your payment of credit cards by adding some more cash to your monthly payments. The unexpected amount that you draw should not be wasted in useless expenses, rather put the total money on the credit card balance. The card's payoff can be expedited easily this way.

  • The minimum payment amount must be rolled over from the credit card. The multiple card holders can apply the minimum payment of the card to the payments that are made on another account. The credit card payments of every month remain the same. The payments however are restructured. The card's payoff can be expedited very quickly this way.

  • Certain amount of the savings account can also be liquidated for paying off the credit cards debts. The retirement funds however must not be liquidated. In case of a savings account a total of 1% of the earning can be used for paying off the credit cards debts. The savings account must not be liquidated completely since some of the funds there can be used up in times of emergencies.

Tracking your progress will keep you enthused. These are some ways in which you can come out of credit cards debt traps.


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