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Published on 16 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Need a realistic New Year’s resolution? MeCard might have the answer..!

January 2012, who’d have thought it, that time of year again when; love them or hate them, you must have been asked the question by now: so what’s your New Year’s resolution?

Hit the gym, be more productive…we’ve heard them all before. But what about that third mainstay: save more, earn more….spend less. Money is a topic very close to our hearts, one which we all feel we can “be better at”. It’s a classic New Year’s resolution, and understandably so after the overspending which many of us indulge in over Christmas.

If you have a family then chances are your new year’s resolution to save money is going to be a group effort. Organisation is needed to maximise the money coming in to your household while cutting out any unnecessary spending. Thankfully, the new MeCard prepaid card has devised a way for you to keep your family’s finances quite literally at your fingertips.

A parent card is linked to up to three teen cards. An easy to use online account system means that a parent can view all teen balances, or even spending history, all in the same place. Pocket money or shopping money can be monitored and topped up when needed, instantly at the click of a button. Not only are prepaid cards the safe, debt-free, card of the future: they can help make day to day budgeting an absolute breeze.

So say goodbye to queuing at ATMs, rushing to the bank, and then wondering where all the cash went anyway...?! MeCard is for teens aged 13-17 and parents, to help simplify your spending without ever worrying about your family going overdrawn.

Parent cards are free and teen cards cost £9.99 but come pre-loaded with £10 free credit to spend anywhere. A very happy new year to you too!


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