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Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

MBNA Platunum Visa credit card - Benefits & Rewards

Introducing the MBNA Platinum Visa credit card. with a competitive APR and a substantial introductory offer on interest-free balance with Secure online application.

Card Name
MBNA Platinum Plus
Card Type
Visa Card
Card Issuer
Exclusive Features
Low balance transfer rates


Minimum Age Anyone who is a UK resident aged 18 or over
Minimum Income There is no stated minimum salary required and have a good credit history
Status You must have a residential UK address and have a legal right to reside within the UK - Proof of ID required - Credit check done -

Type of card - Visa Credit Card

The MBNA Platinum card is a Visa card - Visa cards can be used in 160 countries, and are accepted by over 24 million merchant outlets worldwide.

MBNA Credit Card Fees

Card Application Fee FREE
Card annual fee FREE
Card Limit NONE
Interest Free Period 56 days
Minimum payment If the balance shown on your statement is £ 25 or less, it will be the total amount of the statement balance; or if the balance shown on your statement is more than £ 25 , it will be whichever is the least of 3 % of the statement balance or the total of any Payment Protection Cover charges, interest, handling fees and default charges plus £5, provided that it will always be at least £ 25 .
Late Payment charges £ 12 for going overlimit, making late payments and for returned payments.
Introductory offers - APR
Intro Rate
Intro Period
Annual Rate
Sept 2008
Balance Transfer
July 2009
n / a
Balance Transfer details
Fee percentage 2.9%
Minimum fee £25.00
maximum fee 2.9% handling fee

Charges -

2.9 % handling fee (min.£ 3 ) on: credit card cheques and balance transfers.
3 % handling fee (min.£ 3 ) on: cash transactions (including money transfers).
2.75% commission on foreign currency transactions.
Allocation of payments They will use your payments to reduce balances at lower rates of interest before balances at higher rates of interest. Where you have two promotional rates which are the same, we will use your payments to reduce the balance with the longer promotional period first.

Additional Benefits -

Online Banking – Access your account to view your PIN, check your balance and transactions, set up direct debits, carry out balance transfers and much more.
Free 24 hour worldwide Customer Satisfaction Helpline - wherever you are, whenever you need them, our Customer Satisfaction Representatives are just a Freephone call away
Issued By:

MBNA Europe Bank Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority


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