MBNA Cashback Credit Card

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

MBNA Business Credit Card with CashBack

Business Credit Cards are a great way of improving cash flow, Get cash back everytime you shop, Compare and Apply for a MBNA business credit card online. The MBNA Business card is ideal for medium and large businesses

Card Name
Business Card with Cash Back
Card Type
Visa Card
Card Issuer
Exclusive Features
0.5% cashback on all card purchases plus double cashback on fuel purchases.

Minimum Age Anyone who is a UK resident aged 18 or over who has owned or run their business for over two years.
Minimum Income None stated
Status You must have a residential UK address and have a legal right to reside within the UK - Proof of ID required - Credit check done -
Type of card - Visa Credit card

The MBNA Business card with cash back is a Visa credit card - Visa cards can be used in 160 countries, and are accepted by over 24 million merchant outlets worldwide.

MBNA Business credit Card Fees

Card Application Fee FREE
Card annual fee yearly membership fee of just £29
Card Limit credit limit subject to status
Interest Free Period 57 days
Minimum payment Each month you need only pay: 2.5% of the outstanding balance (minimum £ 5.00 ); or interest charged on the statement, and fees, plus £ 5.00 or the balance on the statement if less than £ 5.00 : whichever is the least.
Late Payment charges £ 12 each time your payment has not reached your account in cleared funds by the date your payment is due. - £ 12 each time a cheque, direct debit, an MBNA credit-card cheque or other item for payment is unpaid. - £ 12 each time the account balance goes over your credit limit (after taking into account any items not yet shown on any statement).
Introductory offers - APR
Intro Rate
Intro Period
Annual Rate
3 Months
Balance Transfer
9 months
n / a
Balance Transfer details
Fee percentage 3%
Minimum fee £3.00
maximum fee None
Charges -

Charges They will charge a handling fee for balance transfers , cheque transactions and cash transactions . All handling fees will be 3 % of the amount of each transaction, and will be at least £ 3 . There will be no maximum handling fees They will charge a yearly membership fee of £ 0 .
Allocation of payments None stated will be included in your terms and conditions when you receive them
Additional Benefits -

-0.5% cashback on all card purchases plus double cashback on fuel purchases.
-FREE Purchase Protection Insurance and Employee Misuse Insurance
-Benefit from specially negotiated discounts - designed for the needs of your business
Issued By:

The MBNA Business Credit Card is issued by MBNA Europe Bank Limited,


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