Choose a MasterCard prepaid card,

Published on 18 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Choose a MasterCard prepaid card,
By getting Prepaid MasterCard Ryanair card you do not have to pay any charges or fees when booking flights with ryanair. If you use a credit card or debit card you will be charged a fee. There are several MasterCards to choose from such as the Cash Plus active card which offers payment protection or the Phones 4 u prepaid Master Card which does not charge you any transaction fees.

MasterCard Cards: The Best Way To Build Credit

MasterCard Prepaid credit cards are the best options to build credit. They can be used to pay bills, top up mobile phones and shopping over the telephone or Internet.

With the change in lifestyle, paying off bills with the help of credit cards has become an essential thing. Although credit cards have become an integral part of our day to day activities, the prepaid credit cards are still struggling to find a place in the market. Prepaid credit cards are the best when it comes to building credit in times of need and that too without any risk involved of falling into the pool of debt or getting hurt due to accumulation of credit payments.

What Is A MasterCard Credit Card?

Generally a MasterCard prepaid card is used for making payments and can be easily loaded with the desired amount of money by the cardholder. A prepaid credit card looks similar to a common credit or debit card along with a signature lining, the company branding and the card number. However, these prepaid credit cards are a bit different from the normal debit or credit card in a sense that they do not provide the cardholder with the facility of a line of credit. Usually these cards are Prepaid Maestro card or a Visa MasterCard.

MasterCard cards are completely in control of the user and the account for the particular prepaid card can be conveniently opened by giving a deposit to the credit card company. The deposit in turn serves as the credit limit of the prepaid card. As per the requirements and desire of the user, the particular amount of money can be added to the card and the amount deposited in the account can be further spent by the user.

In case the cardholder tries to spend more than the actual limit of the prepaid credit card, the action is denied. In a way, these types of credit cards work as the best option for those who are looking forward to build credit.

Features Of MasterCards Prepaid Credit Cards

Another striking quality of the prepaid credit cards is that the user cannot avail the service of borrowing money but can use the respective Maestro or Visa MasterCard in any part of the world. As these prepaid credit cards can be easily used by the cardholder, there are a few attractive features that come along with these cards. They are:

  1. Telephone shopping
  2. Mail order shopping
  3. Land based shopping
  4. Internet or online shopping
  5. Topping up amount in mobile phones
  6. Paying bills

MasterCards Offer Easy Value Reloading

One of the greatest benefits provided with prepaid credit card is that of reloading or recharging the card with the desired amount of money when the credit limit is low or nil. Cash top ups are available at convenience stores or post offices so that the card can be reloaded. Even the cash funds can be conveniently transferred from the bank account of the cardholder. Also, the users can reload the credit card through an Internet account.

As there are different brands of prepaid credit cards available in the market, it is a wise step to choose the credit card that provides the best of features such as online management of account, easy reloading of money and availability of similar additional cards on the same account to name a few. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a good prepaid credit card today and enjoy the various advantages it offers.

Prepaid MasterCard Uk is only available to Uk residents only where it works like a debit card, but with a MasterCard debit card you pay when you use the card or a set monthly fee. Pay as you go MasterCards have become extremely popular when booking Ryanair flights or when you need to make an internet purchase using a pre paid MasterCard.


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