Published on 7 September 2017 by Raffick Marday

Who is MasterCard?

MasterCard is a world-renowned credit card company. Having one of their three personal debit cards means that, because of their prestige, you can use it just about anywhere! There are three individual debit cards that you can choose from Standard, Gold, and Platinum. While the Standard card is just that standard. the Gold, and Platinum cards are similar, albeit with a LOT more options:

MasterCard Debit Card

Standard: The Standard MasterCard Debit Card is the most basic option. With this card, you have, of course, acceptance to just about any store, restaurant, etc., globally. This means that every place in the world you go; you can always carry cash safely.

Speaking of carrying cash safely--with a MasterCard Debit Card, you can carry "plastic cash" without having to worry about being robbed, even if you're not in the best neighbourhood in town. To use your debit card, you have to enter a PIN number, and no one else knows your PIN number. So, if someone wants to use your card, they need you to put in your PIN number. Now that's safe cash!

MasterCard Debit Cards

So what if someone does steal your debit card? Not to worry! With the Standard MasterCard Debit Card, you have MasterCard's Zero Liability coverage. First, you must authorize every single payment you make with your debit card. If there are unauthorized payments made from your debit card, you are not liable for them. Of course, you must be in good standing and have a small number of unauthorized payments to qualify for Zero Liability coverage. If your card is stolen or lost or you also have MasterCard Global Service by your side. What you need to do is to report lost or card, and MasterCard has your back!

Platinum MasterCard

Gold and Platinum: With the Gold and Platinum MasterCard Debit Card, it gets even better! You get Master Rental Insurance, Extended Warranty Coverage, Master Road Assist Service, Travel Assistance Services, MasterCard Global Service (just like with the Standard MasterCard Debit Card), Purchase Assurance Coverage, Baggage Delay Coverage (just in case!), Hotel/Motel Burglary Coverage, Lost or Damaged Luggage Coverage (again, just in case! You never know what can happen when you're traveling!), Satisfaction Guarantee Coverage, and Price Protection Coverage. See, MasterCard is there to look out for you!!!

Debit MasterCard Card

Remember, whatever MasterCard Debit Card you choose, you can't go wrong with such a great company out there to look out for you! They know what you, as the consumer, want and need, and they're there to provide it for you! And, by choosing MasterCard, you're opening up your world to significant advancements and technology, with great information available on their website about controlling and eliminating your debt, tips for paying on time and preventing identity theft.


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