History of a Credit Cards

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

What is the History of a Credit Card?

The sponsor would receive a bill every time, which would tally the activity of the card in the previous 30 days. The different card terms and conditions needs to be understood for the customer to fully access the credit card. Credit cards have been developed only in the recent years. The bank of America began to provide license to banks to provide with special bank Americard only in the year 1960.

Benefits, Uses And Security Features Of A Credit Card

By issuing credit cards, different banking organizations and companies have made a lot of profit. They churn huge amount of money from the interest that is charged on the unpaid cards, as well as by charging of annual fee for the use of the card by the customer. The sponsors even profit by charging service fees for late payments. Different credit cards have been designed with certain features so as to avoid any fraud usage of the credit card.

The security features of the credit card are the card's account number, its signature panel, and the magnetic stripe. The card's unique account number is of foremost importance as it deals with the main transaction work and therefore must be necessarily protected.

In order that people do not use a wrong account number, companies rely on different laws of statistics to help in protection. The second security feature involves the signature panel on the back side of the card. The signature panel is so designed so as to prevent criminals from erasing the black panel of the credit card and putting their own signature instead. The third security feature of the credit card is the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

Lastly, there are certain other security features that make the cards impossible to be duplicated. This is made possible by holograms.

Manufacturing Of Credit Cards

Credit cards are manufactured by layering plastic laminations together. The manufacturing process of a credit card involves a variety of stages. The different stages in the manufacture include compounding and molding, printing, lamination, die cutting and embossing.

Increasing demand for use of credit cards

Due to the varied user-friendly applications of the card, today the use of credit card has grown highly in demand in the recent years. In an age of globalization, credit cards have helped in the easy facilitation of money transactions. The credit card is therefore one of the most useful innovations of science and technology.

A credit card can be defined as a plastic card that allows customers to purchase any product or get a service without the payment of cash thereby enabling them to pay at a later date. To get the services of this card, the customer has to get his bank or company account that would sponsor his card. The credit card cannot be used to make purchases from business houses until the customers receive their limit in the card.


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