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Published on 7 September 2017 by Raffick Marday

Guaranteed Bank Accounts

Not all bank accounts are available to consumers as banks conduct a credit search and can accept you based on your credit history and for their ability to sell you additional products. Here are a list of guaranteed bank accounts that are available no matter if you suffer from bad credit or bankrupt.

The following guaranteed bank accounts offer no overdraft facility but so come as many bank accounts do a sort code and account number. Anyone can get a guaranteed bank account no matter what your credit status is even if you suffer from bad debt or you have just become bankrupt and need a bank account the following companies above will accept you subject to you providing the correct ID and any application cost.

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A guaranteed UK online bank accounts gives you the flexibility that you need without a credit check being done. All they effectively need is to just confirm who you are by providing your address and telephone number on the application form.

With a guaranteed banking account you get all the added benefits of a normal account, such as an an account manager to manage your personal accounts requirements such as setting up bill payments and as expected you can even have your wages paid directly in to your account. Although you do not get a debit card you do get a prepaid MasterCard which is a top up debit card that you preload with your money and only spend what you have loaded. This ensures you never get into debt or go overdrawn and is ideal for people with bad credit for who have just been made bankrupts.

A prepaid MasterCard can use at over 28 million outlets worldwide all you do is look for the MasterCard logo. In addition you can use as a ATM debit card to take cash out of over 1.5 million ATM's worldwide.

Who can open a bank account?

Anyone can get open an accounts online as long as ID and any application fee is paid.

Can i get a bank account if i am bankrupt?

Yes you can get an account just apply and pay the monthly fee to keep your accounts active.

Why are there limits on the accounts?

This is to comply with banking regulations and money laundering regulations. Prepaid Card Bank Accounts are for personal use and not for business use.

Why Have i been refused a normal Bank Account?

Even if your credit file is in good order it may mean that your credit score is so low that you will still be refused a normal current account. current account.providers prefer customers with regular incomes that pay them into their current accounts directly.


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