Gold Prepaid Cards

Published on 11 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Why choose a Gold Prepaid Credit Cards?

Having a gold prepaid card always looks better in your wallet especially when you pull it out to pay for goods as it looks like any high end gold credit card. There are now a number of gold cards available so using a comparison chart enables you to compare all the top prepaid gold cards in the UK. All prepaid cards that are gold branded are either a Visa gold card or a MasterCard gold card, but both offer chip and pin facility.

What is benefit of gold card?

A gold prepaid card is a top up credit card that does not offer a credit facility but instead you top up your prepaid card everytime you want to use it. There are only two gold top up credit cards on offer and they are from aps prepaid cards who are mainly known as cashplus. With a cashplus gold credit card you get free purchase protection so if you have a problem with a transaction they will assist you for free as part of the service.

In addition to the Cashplus gold prepaid mastercard you can also get creditbuilder which overtime can help you improve your credit rating, even if you do have a good credit rating it can always be better all you have to do is pay the monthy card charge and you can apply for this addtional service for free.

Compare before choosing a Gold MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards are an alternative to using your bank account card or credit card, depending on the prepay cards you decide to get could offer you some security due to the current situation with banks going under, now there is an alternative to getting at your money by getting your wages paid directly on to a prepaid gold mastercard debit cards of your choice, once topped up you can spend just like a credit card or debit card.

Additional benefits such as purchase protection?

When you get a gold credit card pre-paid such as cashplus you also benefit from getting free purchase protection whenever you use your card. As the cashplus prepaid top up card is preloaded with your money this ensures you stay in control with your finances also with easy online accounting so you can see your pre-pay card statement at any time.

Compare the best Gold Prepaid credit cards today by using our Prepaid Gold Cards comparison website


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