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Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Gift cards to give to all your friends

Listed on Compare Prepaid website are gift cards available under your search. Just click on the more information button to get further details about the gift prepaid cards. Are you a resident of the USA? We have a comparison of USA prepaid cards available.

Advantages of giving the visa gift card

The visa gift card acts like a debit card when the cardholder makes his/ her purchases. As there is no name over the card, anyone can use it conveniently as it is accepted by all the leading stores of any area just like the credit cards.

Why get a prepaid gift card?

You can give a reloadable prepaid gift card to a love one instead of buying a present that they may not want, Prepaid gift cards are available by MasterCard and can be used anywhere in the world.

Compare Gift Cards

If you have been thinking of presenting to near and dear ones with a gift that is different from the usual presents then a visa gift card can really make a difference. A visa gift card actually allow the recipients to make choices regarding what presents they want and which suits them the most. This is why a gift card make such ideal presents for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

The best feature of the card is that they provide the cardholder with:

  • Flexibility: The cardholders or the recipients have the freedom to purchase what ever is desired by them via online shopping, phone calls or in person.
  • Choice: As this card is like credit card, they are readily accepted at all the leading stores. So, the recipient can make the desired purchases from anywhere.
  • Protection: Visa and MasterCard Gift vouchers / card are much safer than carrying cash. If they get stolen or lost, the various security features of the card saves the cardholder from incurring serious losses. It is so because when a card get stolen or lost, they can be replaced immediately by the participating bank.

Furthermore, this card allows recipients to check their account balances online any time of the day.

A Visa gift card can be used easily

A Visa gift card can be easily used by the recipient to make purchases at malls, online stores and also via phones. They can be availed by ordering in the participating financial-institution asking them to allocate it with certain amounts of money. Usually the card is available in the whole sterling -denominations that range £10 to £500. There are certain banks though that avail these cards online and over the phone too and safely ship them at your residence.

The major gift card companies that can offer the best of services and facilities include:

Freedom Card: The Freedom card is a MasterCard gift card which can be purchased at retail outlets or online and there is NO ID required to get the freedom gift card. The card is a MasterCard

3V Voucher: This card is used in over 160 countries and costs very minimal if you order online. It allows you to have music downloads that are powered by 7Digital.

Prime Card: The Prime re loadable credit card is a gift card that does not charge any monthly fees and offers many additional benefits. It avails you of 60 percent discount in all the leading hotels and 15 percent discount in the American airlines. In fact, you can reload the account twice a day.


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