Getting a Business Prepaid Card

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Business Cards now available for Prepaid

Get free exposure for your business, by getting your own company name on the following prepaid credit card for free. For new business start ups it is a quick and easy way to control spending – Get an account opened online today and stop using your personal credit card or debit card you can even get money paid directly onto your card please note see maximum balance requirements.

Prepaid cards are an excellent way of controlling your company spending. Never overspend on business expenses again for you and your employees, A prepaidcredit card is easy to top up, full online statements, reload at any time online, over the phone.You can even do batch payments by just sending an excel spreadsheet to the company and they will top up all the prepaid credit card

Save money by paying your staff

if your staff had a prepaid card you can pay their wages direct on to their card for free. Never write a cheque or give cash out again.

Manage your google, yahoo and Live pay per click campaigns and SEO campaigns on a prepaid credit card, safer than giving your credit card or debit card details and never go over budget.

All business prepaid cards are issued with a unique eight digit Account Number and Sort Code, just like the details you're provided with for a standard high street bank account. This is in order to conveniently receive bank transfers and set up direct debits.

Also with a business card you can also set up standing orders and now direct debits just as you would with any high street bank account. Simply contact the company you want to pay and provide them with your Account Number and Sort Code.


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