Gapyear Prepaid Card

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Gap Year Prepaid Card

Card Name Gapyeap
Card Type
Card Issuer
Newcastle Building Society
Exclusive Features
No transaction fees


Minimum Age 18 years or over
Status You must have a residential UK address and have a legal right to reside within the UK - Proof of ID required

Type of card - Prepaid MasterCard

The gapyear card is a Prepaid MasterCard card - It can be used at over 25 million locations worldwide also with over 1 million ATM in over 210 countries whereever you see the MasterCard - Maestro or Cirrus acceptance sign.

Gapyear Card Fees

Card Application Fee £9.95
Monthly Service Charge £4.95
Card replacement Fee £9.95
Card Cancellation Fee £10.00
Card Activation Fee Free
Currency conversion 2.75%

Top up credit card / Reload Fees

E pay £2.00
PayZone N/A
Post Office Free
By Credit card £0.85 to 3%
By Debit card Free
High Street Banks free
Bank Transfer free
Standing Order free
Foreign Bank Transfer
(outside the UK and Channel Islands) N/A
By Post N/A
Salary and wage payments free

Prepaid Transaction Fees

UK Transaction Fee (POS) FREE
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.75%
ATM withdrawal fee UK £1.50
ATM withdrawal fee International £1.50
Cash Advance UK £3.00
Cash Advance International 2.75%
Card to Card transfer N/A

  • Free usage charges -
  • Top up your card for FREE at the Post Office, standing order and wage payments-
  • Use your Gapyear card to do retail purchases in the UK for FREE -
  • All for £4.99 a month
  • Gapyear Prepaid MasterCard offer additional benefits when you use your card -
  • As a privileged cardholder you will be given access to an exclusive discount network – allowing you to save money as you buy Oz Experience passes, trips to Ayers Rock, hostel nights, tours around Ireland, European tours, visits to Oktoberfest, the Running of the Bulls, La Tomatina (the world's biggest tomato fight) and so much more.
  • Card limit is £5,000 and currently the card is only available in GBP (£)

Issued By:

The Gap Year MasterCard is serviced by Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd (APS)

Gap year prepaid credit card is a payment card which you can load with money – by easy automatic top up from a bank account, wage transfers, with cash or a credit card or debit card. Your Gap year MasterCard card looks just like a credit or debit card, with a card number and can be used wherever Maestro or MasterCard® cards are accepted worldwide.

A Gap year prepaid card is not a credit card, which provides you with a line of credit, nor is it a debit card which is linked to a bank account. This means that with Gapyear card you can't go overdrawn or borrow money – you can only spend the money you have loaded onto it, so you stay in complete control of your money.

A Gap year card allows you to transfer money - This way, you can securely enjoy your money in shops, on-line and across the world when you are on holiday or travel aboard. You can even get an extra card for family and friends, so you can quickly and safely share your money. Extreme is a over 18's card.


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