Design your own Prepaid Card

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Design Your Own Unique Prepaid credit Card

Want your own picture, image the following prepaid credit cards allows customers to have the whole face of the card dedicated to loved ones, friends, pets, cars or motorbikes or themselves for that added bit of securityYou also have the option of choosing a prepaid credit card for yourself or as a gift card for a friend, family or loved one.
Prepaid cards, sometimes referred to as prepaid credit cards, prepaid debit cards or top-up credit cards, are now available with guaranteed acceptance (subject to ID and address verification) even for people with an adverse credit history.

Prepaid cards are available with the Visa MasterCard AND Maestro brand logo's

Freedom Card
Card application fee:
Monthly fees:
Withdrawal fees:
Reload charges:
Useful information:

Available£5.99 or £19.99 if you have your own design
Choose from pay as you go or monthly fee
Choose from pay as you go or monthly feeFree at Post Offices / Direct debit / bank accounts / cash
Max £5000.00 - Chip & Pin - MasterCard
ministry of sound prepaid card Ministry Of Sound Card

Card application fee:
Monthly fees:
Withdrawal fees:
Reload charges:
Useful information:No longer available

£4.50 via SMS - £9.99 or £19.99 if you have your own design
Free - No monthly fee and £0.20 per transaction
UK ATM - £2.50 per withdrawal - Foreign ATM - £2.50 per withdrawal
Free at Post Offices
Max £3500.00 - Chip & Pin - Maestro prepaid cardclub 18-30 prepaid card Club 18 - 30

Card application fee:
Monthly fees:
Withdrawal fees:
Reload charges:
Useful information:Go to Club 18 - 30 prepaid card website >

£8.95 (or £14.95 if you have your own design)
Free - No monthly fee and free transaction charges
UK ATM - £1.50 per withdrawal - Foreign ATM - £2.00 per withdrawal
From £0.85 to 3.00%
Max £1500.00 - Chip & Pin - Maestro prepaid card

Image Guidelines:

-Picture files can be in either JPEG or Bitmap formats
-The maximum file size is 3 megabytes (Mb)
-Small pictures will reproduce poorly when printed
-If you increase the scale of your picture too much, it may also print poorly
-The bigger the picture you choose, the longer it will take to upload
-The time your picture takes to upload depends on your own Internet connection speed
-If your image is slow to upload, please talk to your own Internet access provider for help

You Can Now Get Prepaid Credit Cards With Photo Of Your Own

The advent of digital photography and Photoshop works have opened up new vistas which were unthinkable even few years before. This “digital revolution” has also tightened security concerns. You can now have prepaid credit cards with photo of your own. These personalized credit cards can also make a perfect gift option. Getting a prepaid card with photograph on it is very easy these days.

-In the wake of internet technology with little bit of research online you can come across service providers offering personalized prepaid debits cards or credit cards along with photos. Some of the popular companies offering such services include Capital One, First National Bank of Omaha and Visa Buxx.

-Choose an image that you want to upload. Choose a picture that prominently features your face even in the small area. The close-up pictures in this case are much better if you are looking for clarity. If you choose scenery, ensure that the details are not disappearing because of the small available space.

-The photo requirements that you are planning to use must be arranged. The photo requirements generally tend to vary from company to company. As you follow the application procedures, you will come to know about the exact necessities. You can also go through the Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch with the customer service representatives for a clear idea about the details.

-Editing must be done to suit the individual requirements. The photo should be cropped or resized after the company specifications are met. If according to the company standards the photo must not be more than 2MB, you will have to resize the photo accordingly. To get the correct resolution, you will have to configure the editing software accordingly. After this, you can save the photo. Make sure you are keeping a note of the folder where you save your photo.

-In the next stage you need to upload the photo. The prepaid credit card services will generally assist you through the step by step procedures. All you need to do is click the “upload” button in the final stage. Choose the edited picture from the folder where it was saved. The application process gets successfully completed as the pictures get uploaded.

These are some of the very simple steps that you need to follow when it comes to uploading a picture of your choice on the prepaid debit cards or credit cards.


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