Why Should You Use Debit Cards?

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Why Should You Use Debit Cards?

Debit Cards - Let Us Know Why Should You Use Debit Cards? Have A Look

Well, if you are a person who loves to carry bundle of cash in his pocket and likes to pay in cash after every single purchase, then it’s time you switch to some other and more viable option. Carrying cash can be really dangerous. You can get mugged anytime, anywhere.

What we are talking about here is use of a debit card as an alternative to cash.

A debit card, also called as checks and bank card, is a plastic card that acts like cash. Rather than carrying loads of cash when going out for shopping, you can simply use your debit card. And the best part is, you don’t end up in debt or any kind of overdraft, since you spend as much balance you have in your account that your debit card is tied to. It’s just like having cash. You cannot spend more that how much you cash you have with you.

Furthermore, debit cards are a more secure means of monetary transaction, for every debit card has its own designated and unique pin number which is required to be approved by the owner before every transaction. So, if you lose your cash, anyone can use it. It’s gone forever. But if you lose your debit card mistakenly, your money goes know where( unless you write your pin number on your debit card, which would be a really stupid act). All you need to do is call up the bank and get your card blocked and re-issue a new one later.

With debit cards you can withdraw money anytime and anywhere at ATMs all around the globe. You can also do the same thing using credit cards, but in case of credit cards the rate of interest that you have to pay on withdrawal is phenomenal. With passing time, debit cards are becoming extremely popular among customers and are fast replacing usage of cash.

Many business houses prefer debit cards for credit cards for rates charged on using credits cards are pretty high . And it also avoids handling of extra cash, and electronic monetary transactions are always comparatively cheaper and safer.

So, considering the myriad benefits of a debit card, you can opt for it for a safer and more convenient alternative to cash. Issue a debit card and enjoy its benefits that you might have overlooked earlier. So, from now onwards you can enjoy the full benefits of your debit cards.


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