What Are The Online Debit Cards All About - Know All About The Cards

Published on 15 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

What Are The Online Debit Cards All About – Know All About The Cards

The online debit cards are considered to be an updated version of the Automatic Teller Machine or ATM machine card. The cards can be used for services and goods like the same way cards are used in the ATM transactions. Once the transaction is over, the funds get automatically transferred from one account to the other. The checkout stations with digital pin pad system enable the card holder to swipe their card and thereafter enter the 4-digit secret pin number. The procedure, as said above, is not different from the ATM machine card. Pin pad system checks if there are available balance in the account.

The offline debit cards and the online cards are not same. Most of the offline transactions are verified electronically to see if there is the required balance to support the purchases you make. The consumer is required to sign a receipt which is similar to those of the receipts of credit cards. In case of the offline cards you are not required to enter any pin number in the pin pad system. Sometimes, the difference the offline and the online cards can no doubt appear a bit confusing.

Some important factors need to be considered when it comes to choosing the right kind of debit card. There are plenty of financial institutions that levy extra charge as transaction fees whenever any purchases are made. Again there are merchants who accepts card which come along with the secret pin number for completing the transaction procedures. Since both the online as well as the offline cards have features of their own, there are a number of users who love to use both of the cards.

Security Of The Debit Cards:

Irrespective of whatever card you use, the ultimate responsibility of security of the card remains in your hands. The financial institution must be immediately notified if your card gets stolen. The receipts must be kept in a secured place. You must be fully aware of the fact that even when the debit cards are in your pocket, these cards can be fraudulently used in the cyberspace.

To get a detailed idea about the necessary safety concerns you can get in touch with the professionals of the financial institution. There are also plenty of sites available online which you can refer to know more about the use and the safety concerns associated with the online as well as offline debit cards.


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