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Published on 13 July 2013 by Raffick Marday

Compare Prepaid has conducted reviews on credit card plus so you can get an idea of the credit card you are looking at, if you are an existing customer you can rate and review the credit cards you own and let other consumers know what you think. Just click on the review you are looking for to rate your card.

Choosing the best credit cards for one's needs

The rapid growth and mass penetration of the credit cards have increased the purchasing power of people to a great extent. With Banks and providers driven to control rising APR rates it has never been more important to find the right one for your needs

Since credit cards offer ease of use and plenty of monetary advantages, a number of companies are offering branded ones to the consumers. While some of these are marketed for the young population, the rest are targeted at other age and income groups. The business users they can benefit from getting discounts from suppliers if they wish.

Some of the credit card providers are offering

  • Free travel accident insurance
  • Free purchase in transit protection
  • Savings on Insurance
  • Discounts at selected retailers.
  • Low ARP Rates
  • Low Balance Transfer Rates
  • Help your local Charity
  • Help your Football Team

Credit cards offers rewards and discounts when you use them also you can benefit from low APR rates if you are looking to do a balance transfers. If you are looking to use them on a regular basis then consider one with a Low APR on new purchases.

Suffering from a bad rating then consider the following a Capital One or Vanquis or even the Barclaycard Initial.

Comparison of Credit Cards UK: Make Shopping Exciting!

Today, everybody carries a credit card. Applying for credit cards is not difficult but finding the best credit card is. Since credit cards theses days come with attractive rewards and perks so making a comparison becomes highly essential while buying credit cards.

Basically there are three major types of credit cards rewards-

1. Cash Back Credit-

These are the most popular types of credit cards that basically allow users to get a certain percentage off on the products they would purchase. With these credit cash back card reward, you can save lot of money on items such as groceries, clothing, household products, gasoline etc.

2. Point Rewards Credit Cards-

These credit cards are also very exciting as with these credit cards, you get a point each time you make a purchase. The collected reward points will be used to buy free vouchers and products available. These credit cards are great to use as, more the points you have on your card, the more you are able to shop for bigger products for yourself or family.

3. Travel Rewards Credit Cards-

These ate undoubtedly the most attractive types of credit cards. With travel credit cards, you are facilitated with airlines miles and sometimes even hotel packages. To understand even better, with theses cards you can earn one point after each mile you cross. These are loved travel freaks and the travel reward cards are enrolled with several airlines and hotels.

Comparison credit cards uk-

In order to get best deals, you need to make a comparison credit cards uk by a little research. With numerous credit cards available on websites, you can look for the ones that provide beneficial rewards and offers to you.

Want to know more about comparison credit cards uk by checking out credit cards listed on Compare Prepaid


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