Co op Premium Current Account

Published on 5 December 2016 by Raffick Marday

Co op Premium Current Account

Co op Privilege current account meets long term requirements of customers who intend to save their hard earned money to live a better life. The Co Operative Bank of UK further envisages in making sure absolute costumer satisfaction with available programs like account switching and other investment plans. The bank provides opportunities for both the intending customers and the existing clients. The applicants can visit the official site and apply for a new account, whereas the existing account holder can click the “easy upgrade” button to avail the account switching services.

Benefits of having a Co Op Premium account with the Co Operative Bank

As a matter of fact each privilege account holder is entitled to enjoy premium benefits worth £600 and above. Each customer is provided with worldwide family travel insurance. This insurance plan is made available mainly by the AXA Travel Insurance service providers. This policy plan covers all amenities that fall under basic travel plans.

One can even get premium insured for entertainment sports activities like golf, scuba diving and several other exciting winter sports. In collaboration with Lifestyle Service Group and London General Insurance Company, the Co operative Bank is providing the service of Mobile Phone Insurance. One can apply for at least four phone headsets, and can get access of insurance programs in case of astringencies like damage, loss and theft.

Services for blocking unauthorized calls are also available to the limit of £1,500. You just need to get your sets registered. The process takes 14 days to start off. In addition to this, one can avail the £200 interest free benefit coming along with the account. This is again coupled with free overdraft charges. Thus, enabling all account holders to save as mush as they wish to.

premium credit card benefits can be made use of at 11.9%, with opening interest rates fixed at 2.9% for the first 12 months. One can enjoy an absolute zero payment advantage in case on balance transfer option in these situations. Apart from all these, you are supposed to get 20% off on Home insurance schemes which are facilitated by The Co Operative Insurance department.

Who can apply for a Co Op Privilege account?

According to the terms and conditions put toward by the Co Operative Bank of UK, individuals of 16 years and above can apply for new Co Op premium accounts. One should be able to accumulate account balance to mentioned sources, like their salary and wages so as to ascertain their monetary claims.


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