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Published on 2 July 2016 by Raffick Marday

What are credit cards good for: Get to know the benefits

There are numerous answers to what are credit cards good for but one of the most beneficial aspects is these cards help you increase your credit score. When you have less borrowing experience, credit card helps in conveying creditors that you are a reliable borrower. The credit card score is bound to increase when you responsibly pay back your debts regularly and on time.

Another benefit of using a credit card is that it allows you to buy things which you like and when you desire to buy them. For instance, if you run out of cash and willing to purchase your most wishful car, credit card can always play a useful role and help you finance the car immediately.

Various companies like mostly those in the travel sector like airlines and hotels prefer payment by credit cards. They do not accept cash at all. Having a credit card with you is like having a movable bank which is always ready for your financial support.

Not only this, a credit card also acts as an evidence of all your transactions made each time. All your purchases are recorded on your statements; therefore, if unfortunately something gets misplaced, you don’t need to worry because you have proof of your purchases.

Then, the most interesting reason to know what are credit cards good for is they are always their in emergencies. You have access to money when you need it the most.

But it is advisable to keep your credit cards at home as these are very valuable and if used wrongly can drag you into serious debt issues.

Also, while choosing a credit card, make sure you check out other offers available on credit cards and then make your best deal. You can aim to apply for an interest free credit card which could help you save a lot of money.


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