Credit Card Comparison - Choose and apply today!

Published on 13 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Credit Card Comparison - Choose and apply today!

Want the best credit cards deal we are a specialist website with the latest MasterCard and Visa cards.

Compare the best deals before you sign up

Most credit cards use newspaper adverts or on a glossy flyer dropped through your letterbox but this never gives you an over view of whats on offer. Check out the top deals from an independent source such as to find the right card for your circumstances.

Branch Banking staff and Retail shop assistants are under consistant pressure to sell you their branded card and store cards, as banks want to tie all your money and risk in one place and retailers to keep you coming back and store cards offer high APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Don't rely on just one card to do everything

Another important point is that you need to decide exactly what sort of credit card(s) will suit your purposes.

A low rate balance transfer credit card may offer you a deal to switch your balance; but may prove to be expensive if you use it for shopping or another example is getting the best rewards card on the market may end up costing you a great deal when using it overseas.

Whilst we would never encourage anyone to have a purse or wallet full of plastic, it does make financial sense to have two or three, on the basis that you use each particular card to its strength.

Ideally the combination of cards you should own, give you the following options:

  • Low rate or interest free balance transfers
  • Low interest rate for purchases
  • A cash back or rewards scheme
  • A card that has no charges for overseas transactions, such as a Moneycorp travel money card.

So whilst plastic can prove to be the financial downfall for some people when it's used in an irresponsible manner, if you play by the rules and use your cards to their strengths, they can make your life easier and far more cost effective.

Read terms and conditions before signing up. If you cancel an agreement, you will still have to repay any money lent to you. But if you repay all of it before your first payment is due, you will not have to pay interest or other charges.


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