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Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Comparison Charity Cards

Comparison Charity credit cards making The Right Choice. Want a card, but not any card?

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With the rise in number of credit cards available today, credit card companies have had to find new ways to attract customers.

Many innovative offers are brought out by the credit companies these days to increase their customers to stay on board and use the cards on a regular basis.

Charity credit cards are now available from many different charities and organisations and cover a whole range of good causes and are issued in partnership with the charities themselves

A charity credit card aims to have the same features of a traditional credit card, while also providing benefits to the charity that usually get a one off amount donated when you first open the account and in many cases now an on going donation is made by the card issuer when you use the card usually based on a percentage of your spend. This is a great way to help your favourite charity and all at no extra cost to you. There's plenty of choice, no matter where your interest lies.

With a charity credit card, card holders are safe in the knowledge that their money is going to a good cause, while also benefiting from the security, features and flexibility of a good credit card. If you want to do your bit for a worthwhile cause see charity credit cards

Compare credit card charity cards through us

Our site, compare prepaid helps you to compare credit cards based on their features and facilities provided by them we also do reviews on the cards so you can see all the information you need. This page compares credit cards on the basis of the charity you may wish to support. All these credit cards are listed in an easy format so that comparison among the credit cards can be done with considerable ease.

Our list includes all the major credit cards which offer charity donations to their clients along with a host of other features. Some of the credit cards include British Heart Foundation Card, Breakthrough Breast Cancer Card and the WWF Credit Card. Some of the credit card companies provide in addition balance transfer facilities with low interest or zero interest on purchases made during a specific period of time while some companies even offer both facilities to attract more customers.


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