Free Cashplus Bank Account Card

Published on 3 November 2016 by Raffick Marday

Free Cashplus Bank Account Card

Most noteworthy, Cash Plus now free with Compare Prepaid for a limited time only

The Cashplus bank account card now exclusively free with Compare Prepaid.

You can now get a Cash Plus Active account with no application fee just by initially topping up your card with £20.00. This will save you paying the £9.95 or £4.95 application charge.

With so many bank account cards now on the market, it is hard to work out which is the best-prepaid card to get. By getting the no application fee Cashplus card you can try out your card without any initial cost. Spend the amount on the card and if you don’t like it simply do not add any more funds to it.

Cashplus bank account card

So why get a free Cashplus bank account card?

First and foremost it’s a gold card so it comes with payment protection on every purchase you make.

Consequently, You can also opt for the free CreditBuilder with Cash Plus active. Where if you pay the monthly fee for 12 months. CreditBuilder will report this to credit reference agencies, which can help you, increase your credit rating.

So, Based on a recent survey conducted by Cashplus bank accounts. This has helped thousands of people increase their credit rating and in some cases by up to 40%.

With a Cash Plus bank account card, you are guaranteed to be accepted with no credit checks and no application fee. Hence, Just initially top up your account with a minimum of £20 and you are ready to go.


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