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Published on 14 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Calculate your Savings Accounts so that you have a reliable way to grow your money

These days, it is impossible to have a hold over finances unless you have a savings account. Savings accounts are advantageous as they are a valuable part of any personal finance plan. Therefore, if you are planning to open a savings account then below are some of the greatest advantages of savings accounts you can look up to:

- Easy Access-

One of the major benefits of savings account is that you tend to save a lot of money that you spend on non-essentials. Depending on the type of your account and the amount of your balance, there may be less to nil fees for withdrawals. So, remember to check the requirements for savings withdrawal fees so that you have awareness about your account before setting it up.

- Guaranteed returns-

With savings accounts, you never need to worry about your finances, as they will always grow to your set interest rate. To check your monthly balance, you can use an online savings calculator. More so, you can plan your short and long term goals such as vacation, new car, house and similar. The best part is, even if there is a drop in the markets, your savings are always secure.

- Care free ‘you’-

With savings accounts, you being a user never need to worry about having access to your account. Your money is already protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which assures your deposits up to its standard limit.

- Reduce or eliminate monthly fees-

Many savings accounts need minimal service fees but by maintaining a minimum balance you can cut down or eliminate your service fees. This means that the interest you are promised with is the return you will get.

Savings Account Calculator

Savings accounts are always beneficial but if you still lack some knowledge about savings accounts, then the website can be very useful to you!


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