Branded payroll prepaid card

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Branded Prepaid Cards Payroll Card

Payroll branded prepaid card program, you can chose to have a branded prepaid card solution complete with their corporate branding.

With our network of partners we have a growing matrix of card schemes that can fit requirements across USA, Canada, Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.

Payroll cards

Get a payroll branded prepaid cards as a solution to recurring payments The Prepaid Payroll Card holds enormous potential for payroll companies as well as your existing customers, with numerous possibilities to do tailor made programs for your market sector, Increase your brand awareness and stand out from your competitors by allowing your customers and their workforce to payroll solutions and an audit trail for employee expenses, also ideal for un banked sectors

As an employer, it provides the opportunity to cut costs on processing payroll. This is especially true in those industries where significant numbers of cheques are produced and distributed. By providing a prepaid card, the employer is able to load that card with the employee's wages within minutes, efficiently and cost effectively by only having one spreadsheet and one bacs payment.

The employees benefit by receiving the funds on a card rather than having to cash a cheques giving them instant access to their funds and it gives them access and flexibility to shop online, over the phone and at retail outlets. This reduces the risk in employees losing cash and reduces the need to carry cash around.

For the non-banked, this is a perfect solution whilst providing the benefits of a Debit Card such as instant access to their funds and removes the inconvenience and outrageous cost of exchanging cheques for cash.

Payroll Management

You can deposit payroll weekly, bi weekly or even monthly. Plus until the employee withdraws the funds, the float will earn interest for you as funds are usually held at a MasterCard settlement account.

Flexible and Versatile

  • Open card solution - MasterCard, Visa or Maestro®.
  • Alternative to cash and cheques by using a Payroll Card.
  • The Payroll Card creates a new revenue stream for your company when used continuously by ex and current employees.
  • Increasing brand awareness.

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