Branded Prepaid Cards Insurance Card

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Branded Prepaid Cards Insurance Card

lnsurance branded prepaid card program, you can chose to have a branded prepaid card solution complete with their corporate branding.

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Insurance prepaid credit cards

Prepaid Insurance Claim Cards enable insurance companies and large corporations to issue Prepaid Cards to claimants to purchase replacement items in the event of a claim.
Insurance Claim Cards can be a speedy solution in ensuring settlement claims once processed can be paid out.

Clients can easily restrict claimant's redemption with closed or controlled card programs (limited to purchases from specified retailers). This diminishes the chance of insurance fraud, as claimants do not receive cash.

Issuing Insurance Claim Cards effectively eliminates the need to issue paper vouchers to claimants to replace lost, damaged or stolen goods. This results in a more cost effective method of claim settlement as well as drastically reducing the element of shrinkage, while building greater brand awareness and experience for the cardholders.

By having a prepaid card for your business Insurance companies can solve disbursement challenges, reduce expenses associated with current cheque and cash issuing methods while maintaining total control over claim settlement by using an Insurance Claim Card solution.

Prepaid Insurance Claim Card programs are tailored to our clients' requirements, providing numerous settlement methods that are suitable for a broad range of insurance claim payments, including:

  • Workers compensation
  • Personal insurance
  • Auto claims
  • Home content insurance
  • Employee health or compensation
  • Dental benefits
  • Major catastrophe

Insurance Card programs can easily be combined with the enhanced functionality of the Prepaid Travel Card. This combination is ideal for the travel insurance market.

Key features of the Insurance Claim Card include:

  • Easy integration with current systems
  • Issue re loadable or once-off disposable cards
  • Personalised or non-personalised cards
  • A number of currencies can be issued to claimants globally
  • Can be loaded with fixed or variable funds

For the non-banked, this is a perfect solution whilst providing the benefits of a Debit Card such as instant access to their funds and removes the inconvenience and outrageous cost of exchanging cheques for cash.

Payroll Management

You can deposit payroll daily, weekly, bi weekly or even monthly. Plus until your customer withdraws the funds, the float will earn interest for you as funds are usually held at a MasterCard settlement account.

Flexible and Versatile

  • Open card solution - MasterCard, Visa or Maestro®.
  • Alternative to cash and cheques by using a Payroll Card.
    -The Payroll Card creates a new revenue stream for your company when used continuously.
  • Increasing brand awareness.

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