Getting The Best Deals From Your Account

Published on 5 December 2016 by Raffick Marday

Getting The Best Deals From Your Account

Have you ever compared the deals you get from your bank accounts? Now, since there are more banks, higher interest savings accounts and building societies than there was before, why stagnate at the same old deals of your bank, when there are whole lots of options available?

One of the largest banks in United Kingdom is the Santander. Its provides you with many facilities like current account, savings accounts, investment, credit cards, insurance, loans and mortgaging. It also comes along with online banking services. Today the Santander Group has 13,696 branches all over the world.

The Santander brings forth various current accounts with numerous facilities. It provides Current Account with high interest and Current Account with low overdraft. Former is an everyday current account with a 5% AER(fixed) for the first year. Later comes with the provision of 0% typical EAR for 12months. After these 12 months there is a variable EAR of 12.9%. Another account is Reward account which offers every possible benefits of any bank account, but in addition to that it also gives rewards of at least £400. Premium account for just £20 a month, one can get a return of at least £900. Next is Zero current account. In this account no fees is deducted for the use of debit card in any shop all over the world. Lastly Youth and student account. It is an account specially meant for students heading for universities.

The Savings account also gives many benefits like New-tracker bond. It comes with amazing variable rate of 3.25% AER, tracking 2.75% above the Bank of England base rate. Next is E-saver. It has a 2.75% variable gross AER along with bonus of 2.25% AER (variable) for 12months. And lastly Tax-free direct ISA. The interest rates are amazing and one can save unto £5,100 tax-free.


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