Benefits of Holding Premium Bank Accounts for Travelers

Published on 17 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Benefits of Holding Premium Bank Accounts for Travelers

Frequent travelers avail mileage loyalty benefits offered by several airlines and other reward schemes offered by credit card companies. But now the travel freaks can also cash in if they take advantage of premium bank accounts.

Numerous big banks provide customers with personal banking, including prestigious premier accounts which, in return offer benefits and incentives. These benefits are particularly relevant for those who are constantly traveling.

Although not all bank accounts provide same offerings but most premium bank accounts provide benefits to motor vehicles that can be carried from one country to another. Other attractive offerings include a mobile phone and gadget insurance. Both these benefits appeal to frequent travelers because they are provided with these features without any additional charge.

Other benefits attached to premium bank accounts are free worldwide travel insurance and complimentary airport lounge access. What more? The insurance provides profound peace of mind, confirming that both you and your possessions are covered while traveling. Not only this, even your lounge access gives you an ultimate calm environment where you can catch up with some work before boarding.

Furthermore, the financial benefits offered by premium bank accounts include an agreed interest and cost-free statutory minimum overdraft. But, if you do not want to go with the red most types of premier bank accounts, you can also get attractive rates of interest on your credit balances.

Going forward, another benefit of premium bank accounts is cardholder protection policy. This policy not only covers all your debits, credits and store cards against theft or loss and damage, but also provides policy holder's passport, a driving license and other essential documents to travelers making their trip extremely beneficial.

Lastly a 24 hours telephone assistance and a free online banking service which is offered to premium bank account holders.

So if you are looking forward to avail all the exclusive benefits of premium bank accounts, make your step ahead! Or, before making your final decision you can also refer to this website for more information on premium bank accounts.


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