Dont become a target on prepaid credit cards fraud

Published on 14 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Dont become a target on prepaid credit cards fraud

So here are the top 10 tips that may help you keep your prepaid card safe and secure and away from fraudster's!

1. Sign it . When you receive your card in the post, make sure you sign the back right away with durable ink that won't ware or rub off.

2. Secure website . Never input your prepaid credit card details into a website that is not secure. You can tell the difference between a secure and non-secure website by looking at the website's address (URL):

A non-secure site will read “

A secure site will read “http s ://” – notice the “ S ” after http.

Keep in mind that the majority of websites will be non-secure until the point where you have to insert payment details. So only look for the HTTPS once you are prompted to insert your credit card details or any other personal information.

If you are unsure email us the details and we will check the site out.

3. Beware of phishing . A common trick used by fraudsters is called phishing . This is where you receive an email asking you to either reply with your prepaid credit card details or go to a specific website to verify your prepaid credit card details. Never, under any circumstances, provide your prepaid credit card details by way of email.

4. Shred'em . If you receive a “Guaranteed Acceptance” or any prepaid credit card application that you don't plan on pursuing – SHRED IT! It is very easy for fraudsters to pick through your rubbish and apply for a card in your name.

5. Receipts . There is a lot of information on a prepaid credit card receipt if you print off copies or order a statement. Don't leave your receipts lying around – either keep them in a safe place or destroy them.

6. Commit your PIN number to memory . Pick a number that is easy for you to remember but not easy for fraudsters to figure out. Don't pick things like birthdays, anniversaries or phone numbers.

7. Credit spies . There have been many cases where a fraudster has stolen someone's prepaid credit card details by capturing a picture of a credit card on their mobile phone. In many cases, all a fraudster needs is your name and prepaid credit card number to use it!

8. Be conscious of who you give your prepaid credit card details. Legitimate companies will not initiate a call to you asking for your prepaid credit card details. Only give your prepaid credit card details over the phone if YOU initiate the call . For instance, if you receive an email that lets you know of a “problem processing your payment”, make sure it's from a legitimate company.If unsure ring the company first you can ask to speak with the manager or someone high up in the chain before you provide your details.

9. Keep an eye on it . If you use your card in a shop, make sure it never leaves your sight. Most credit card cloning machines are hidden below the counter. Also, make sure you get your card back immediately – don't let the shop attendant take your card into the back room.

10. Keep a list. Make sure you keep a list of all your card numbers, security codes (three digit number on the back) and your expiry dates. It's also advisable to keep an up-to-date list of contact numbers in your mobile phone or in your email address book so that you can contact your prepaid credit card company immediately once you realise your card is lost or you detect fraud.


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