Barclays launches new defined returns plan

Published on 28 November 2016 by Raffick Marday

Barclays launches new defined returns plan

Barclays Wealth has launched a new Defined Returns Plan Annual Kick-Out. Conservative investors will be able to enjoy now from a service that offers them early returns of 6.50% per annum from the third year onwards.

The six-year investment from Barclays will have an annual kick-out from the third year, paying 6.50% when the FTSE is at 90% or more of initial index level. Capital repayment will be reduced if the Index closes below 50% of its starting level; states Barclays.

The bank also claims that capital will then be repaid and the investment will come to an end. This offer will be available to investors only until the 12th September 2014.

Created for sceptical investors

Barclays said that this product may be especially appealing to those investors who are sceptical about the future performance of the FTSE, as it will pay out even if there is a drop in its value of up to 10% - from the initial index level.

“We are committed to ensuring our clients have a wide range of competitive investment solutions to choose from, whatever their views regarding the future of the markets. Annual Kick-Out products have proved popular with our clients in the past, and this latest addition should help clients further balance their portfolios and diversify their investment choices," said Richard Henry, Director, Investor Solutions, Barclays Wealth.

This is a new option available for all those investors who are looking for an investment plan that fits their demands.

Figures published recently revealed that the need for financial advice increased in the last months. Personal Retirement Planning was at the top of the list with 38% of the requests, followed by investments & savings with 26%. Investment trusts had a demand of 4%.

The more bank accounts and investment plans we compare, the better chances we will have of finding the product that is best for us considering our financial situation.


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