American Citizens Prepaid Cards

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Prepaid Cards for American Citizens?

It is a card which is preloaded with your money, you can only spend what you load on to the prepaid card. An alternative to Bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards. Online accounting with mutiple load options, No Credit Checks.

What are Prepaid Credit Cards?

People's shopping habits and powers have changed considerably after the advent of the credit cards in America. The advantage of buying without carrying cash is undoubtedly a big one in the US. However, if a person uses a credit card for buying without keeping a check on the limit they may run into debts. A good substitute in this case is the prepaid credit cards.

Getting Approved for a Prepaid Card in USA

The USA PATRIOT Act is a Federal law that requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. You may also be asked to provide documentation as proof of identification.

-Your Name
-Date of Birth
-Your address
-Are a permanent resident/citizen of the USA
-Social Security Number

The advantage of using prepaid cards

Before buying a prepaid card in the USA, a person needs to compare various cards that are sold in the market. As a matter of fact, each card has its own terms and conditions and one should pick the one that meets his need the best. One can take the help of the sites that carry out the reviews of the various prepaid cards. There are some popular prepaid cards like Rushcard and Upside prepaid card. The AllAccess prepaid debit cards are ideal for those people who need to use a debit card on the internet without being charged and spend frequently. These are cheaper than using the USA credit or debit cards.

The prepaid cards enables a person to buy things without having cash with them. Since these cards have a buying limit loaded by the user's money, they can not make purchases outside the capacity. This eliminates the chance to run into debts caused by excess buying. One advantage of using the prepaid cards in the US is that the users do not require getting their credit record checked. However, one needs to provide proofs for his address and authenticity.

Since the prepaid credit cards offer ease of use and plenty of monetary advantages, a number of companies are offering these types of cards to the consumers. While some of these cards are marketed for the young population, the rest are targeted at other age and income groups. The business users can reload their cards with lots of money if they wish.

As an alternative, one can use the Rush prepaid card. It is way better than using the travellers' checks. These cards also offers extra cover against the chances of fraud and identify theft. It is not related to one's bank accounts. One can also use it for online shopping. The people of US can also choose the Upside Prepaid Card for their buying needs. While the lowest age limit for applying for some cards is 10, one needs to obtain parental consent if he or she is below 14. Booking hotels and flights with this card gives a person the facility to avail rebates and offers.


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