Alliance and Leicester Bank Accounts

Published on 27 November 2016 by Raffick Marday

Alliance and Leicester bank accounts

Alliance and Leicester is a banking institution offering personal as well as offshore banking services. It is located in the UK. It offers numerous numbers of services to its customers. Some of them are namely

Providing loans
Credit cards
Internet banking
Current account
Savings account
Other products
Investment and pensions
Car insurance
Travel insurance
Other services
ill pay
Corporate website
The current accounts of Alliance and Leicester have a number of options from where the customer can chose the kind he wants according to his needs. They are

High interest current account: £100 cash back is guaranteed when a customer switches to this account. On a deposit of up to £2,500 5% AER is ensured. There is also a free account transfer service.
Overdraft current account: for one year there is 0% EAR and 12.9% EAR after that. An overdraft of £5,000 is permitted. The account transfer is easy done.
Reward current account: it has all the features of any normal banking account, but with an additional feature of £450, which is given every year as award to clients. Interest rates are high and £100 is given on switching accounts to reward account.
Premium current account: £900 worth added features in addition to all the general facilities. Interest rates are high and £100 of cash back reward on switching to this account.
Alliance and Leicester offers numerous kinds of savings accounts also, like

2years fixed rate bond: here up to 3.5% gross p.a/AER is given. one can save any amount from £1 to £ 2,000,000
eSaver: with 2.75% gross p.a/AER and variable bonus of 2.25% one can save from £1 to £2,000,000
Tax free direct ISA: one can transfer all tax free saving and benefit 2.75% AER.


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