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Published on 2 July 2016 by Raffick Marday

Travel money providers now come with a whole host of features and benefits which now means you can get more for your money,
Visa Cash Cards Offerings travel money to People

Visa debit cards, unlike credit cards where you buy now and pay later and are issued a monthly bill, are linked directly to the funds in your savings bank account. You can only spend what you have on your account. This eliminates the risk of getting dragged into a debt.

Purchases or cash withdrawals

Visa cash cards have two major utilities; Firstly, you can purchase goods as per your choice from retail outlets. You will often come across a signage in the store that basically says that it accepts Visa debit cards. Another utility is to be able to withdraw cash which is not the case with credit cards.

There are ATMs through which you can withdraw cash instantly from your own savings account. However, you can rely on your card as you will get an authorised PIN number inserting which you can get the cash withdrawn and no other person can access your account without the PIN.

Visa debit

Visa debit cards usually bear the acceptance mark that enables the card holder to use the card at multiple locations worldwide wherever the Visa logo is accepted. The hallmark of Visa cash cards is the flag symbol that is displayed on the front right side of the cash card.

Un-embossed Visa

There is no 'V' symbol embossed on the visa cash card. Since it is an un-embossed card it cannot be used in a zip zap machine. Also, the card can only be swiped at the terminal in the retail store.

So what are you waiting for? Plan to get a visa cash card as it will help you at critical situations and will help you manage your funds in a better way and with the new Visa cards that offer travel money facilities it a clear winner, you can now exchange money straight from an ATM so that you gain your holiday money instantly.


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