Currency Information on Afghani

Currency Information on Afghani - AFN- Afghanistan Afghani - ؋

AFN is the ISO for the new Afghani, which was introduced in 2003, after unregulated and unrestrained printing of bank notes populated Afghanistan to have a circulation of over 15 trillion Afghani.

It was during this time that Anwar Ul-Haq Ahadi, the Afghan central Bank governor, decreed that all prices would be displayed in Afghani and all item should be purchased using Afghani, where US Dollars and Pakistani Rupees had been accepted prior. Since the introduction of the new Afghani, exchange rates have remained steady in growth and administrative measures, introduced with the aim of encouraging the use of the new Afghani have assisted with this.

This has also meant that the population of Afghanistan have more willingly begun to use their own currency as a means of buying and selling goods.

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