Ways to Transfer Money to Vietnam through a Bank
When you think of money the first thing to come to your mind is the bank. Traditionally people used to send cheques to the recipient in Vietnam. But a cheque used to take a long time to reach its destination and be cashed into the Vietnamese dong. A wire transfer through your bank is a reliable method and it ensures the transfer in a matter of minutes or four to five days. The recipientÂ’s name and account number should be given to your bank to enable the currency transfer to Vietnam. Banks normally charge a fee based on the currency rate of Vietnam for this type of transfer.

Vietnam Erratic Demand for Funds
Since the requirement for funds is uncertain, it is better to adopt a method that ensures a fast money transfer to Vietnam. Money is usually demanded in times of emergency. An emergency situation cannot be foretold, so you have to be always equipped to send money in such a scenario.

Making Regular Money Transfers to Vietnam
A prepaid debit card is viable if you have to transfer money more than once to Vietnam. The sender needs to have the card in which you can add money whenever he requires it. Once they receive the card, instant transfer can be done giving them the benefit of accessing the money anytime. These cards are commonly accepted in big cities like Da Nang, Ha Noi and Hai Phong. But in the case of small rural areas the cards may not be accepted and if they are taken, then a high fee will be levied.

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