TravellerÂ’s cheques are not recommended
Travellers cheques are not accepted at many places and visitors are recommended not to exchange money at the airport. This is because crime is rife in the airport and the surrounding areas. Some of the commercial banks will offer a money exchange service however there are restrictions. Once again it makes much more sense to complete a money transfer to Venezuela if you need to send money to someone who lives there.

Only use certain ATMs
You might feel that a prepaid credit card is one option of completing a currency transfer to Venezuela you might want to look into. While this is a fast and easy way to get money to someone in Venezuela it is also not without its drawbacks. Many of the ATMs in Venezuela are prone to malfunction and there is lots of theft of credit card details. To reduce the likelihood of this happening to your recipient it is a wise idea to use a direct transfer to them instead.

Hotels will not exchange currency
Unlike many destinations around the world Venezuelan hotels do not exchange currency due to regulations that restrict these transactions from taking place. You will not even be able to get information on the currency rate Venezuela is using from a hotel so your recipient will have to go elsewhere. However if you want to know what the current exchange rate is you can find this out for free online.

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