What is the currency in Uzbekistan?
The currency that is used in Uzbekistan is the Uzbek som (UZS) and this has been the country's only currency for many years. The word ‘som’ means pure in some Turkic languages and this is seen to be a reflection that the currency itself is pure. If you want to find out the most recent currency rate Uzbekistan, Uzbek some are following you can do this quickly and easily online.

Are there any currency restrictions in Uzbekistan?
While there are restrictions on the amount of foreign currency that a person can bring into the country there are no restrictions on the amount of currency you can transfer to a recipient. So if you are hoping to send money to Uzbekistan this is something that you do not have to worry about. Just go online and find an exchange broker who will be able to complete the process in a matter of moments for you.

Fast currency transfers to Uzbekistan
By setting up a money transfer to Uzbekistan online you can be assured of the fastest transfers around. Your recipient will be pleased to be able to have their money almost instantly as a result of this fast transfer. So the next time you want to transfer money to Uzbekistan you can rest assured that using an online broker is by far the fastest way of doing so.

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