Planning a move to Thailand
There are a lot of ex pats who are now living in retirement in Thailand. However before you are able to move there are certain things that need to put in place beforehand. These can range from paying estate agents and handymen to organising furniture and electrical items to be delivered to your new home. However before you arrange a transfer it pays to know the currency rate Thailand baht are being exchanged for. The baht is the currency in Thailand and like every single currency in the world its exchange rate will vary daily.

Setting up a business in Thailand
Maybe you are setting up a new business and need to transfer money to Thailand to pay for business essentials. Once again this is a very commonplace reason the person may wish to send funds to Thailand. With so many people looking to move abroad, setting up a business gives them the ideal way to earn money in a new country.

Sending money to friends to Thailand
There will be many people out there who have friends and family who are residing in Thailand. As many people who live in Thailand live in extreme poverty arranging a currency transfer to Thailand on a regular basis could really help someone out. So think about a direct transfer if you have a friend or family member who lives in Thailand and who need a little bit of financial assistance. Doing this could help them to improve their standard of living.

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