Don't wait for the banks in Swaziland
Anyone who has used a bank to transfer money to Swaziland will know that it can be five days before their recipient can access their money. If a family member is having a financial crisis this is usually far too long for them to wait. So instead of waiting for the banks to process the transaction why not arrange an online currency transfer to Swaziland today?

Find out the currency rate in Swaziland
At the time of your transfer you will be asked which currency you wish to send. When you are arranging a money transfer to Swaziland you will need to send the Lilangeni (SZL) to your recipient. The South African rand is also accepted in Swaziland so if you already live in South Africa you will not have to find out the currency rate Swaziland money is being exchanged for. However if you are living outside of South Africa you should do this prior to transferring your money.

Send your money to Swaziland
When the time comes to send your money you will find that setting up a currency transfer to Swaziland is very easy. When you do this through an online exchange broker all of the stress is taken out of the process for you. Just log into your online account and set up the transfer using just a few clicks. You can then sit back and relax in the knowledge that in a matter of moments of your recipient will have their money and you will have completed a safe transaction.

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