Selecting a Bank in South Korea’
Most banks in South Korea offer similar services at almost similar prices. So keep in mind other factors like no limitation on the transfer amount, accessibility and location of the bank when you decide upon a bank to transfer money to South Korea. You have to mention the beneficiary’s name, account number and branch name to your bank so as to ensure a smooth currency transfer to South Korea. Few banks like the Korean Exchange bank have started online transfer and transfers using the bank machine. It is more economical to send larger amounts of money at a time since your bank as well as the Korean bank are bound to charge you. You can also send bank drafts drawn in favour of the beneficiary. But there are limitations on the amount and the speed of transferring money in this manner.

Convenience of Using travel Debit Card to South Korea’
The advent of technology has introduced the prepaid debit card to send money to South Korea. The prepaid debit card always has money in it and can be used by your beneficiary in South Korea. But you must ensure that the card is useable, since foreign debit cards cannot be used in South Korea. These prepaid debit cards can be used at global ATMs which are generally located at subways, airports and convenience stores. Before you send the card, check whether the recipient is comfortable using the card.

Fast and Efficient currency transfer to South Korea’
South Korea’s currency is referred to as Won. Another method of transferring the money is by way of money transfer organisations. It is advisable to wait for the best currency rate in South Korea to transfer the money which will work out to be economical for you.

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