Somalia does not accept cards for payment
You might have been wondering about sending a pre paid credit card rather than a money transfer to Somalia. The main reason that you should not do this is that credit cards are not accepted as payment in Somalia. If you were to send one your recipient would not be able to use the money that was on the credit card so it would be a wasted effort.

Foreign exchange in Somalia is hard
Some people will send travellers cheques to their recipient who lives in Somalia. Once again this is not advised as foreign exchange in Somalia is hard. Your recipient could find that they are unable to exchange the travellers cheques for Somali currency which is the Somali Shilling (SOS), so you should transfer money to Somalia instead. Do this and you will know that your recipient will have their money when they need it.

You will get a great rate online to Somalia
By exchanging money and sending it online you could benefit from a great rate of exchange. You can check the currency rate Somalia money is being traded at when you arrange your transfer. Using such a service is 100% free and you are able to take a look at the exchange rate whenever you wish to. With all of these facts in mind it is quite simple to see why arranging an online transfer is by far the most preferential method of getting funds to someone that you know who lives in Somalia.

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