Swift transfer to Sierra Leone
A currency transfer to Sierra Leone is very swift. In most instances that this will happen instantly and a personÂ’s chosen recipient will be able to access their funds immediately. When you send a pre paid credit card to a recipient in Sierra Leone they will have to wait to receive the card which can take quite a lot of time. Add to this the fact that not all postal systems are 100% reliable and you can see why a card like this is not always the best option.

Foreign cards are not accepted in ATMs in Sierra Leone
It is also important to note that foreign cards are not accepted in ATMs in Sierra Leone. So if you send a prepaid credit card the chances are your recipient will not be able to get to their money at all. So as you can see it is far better to send money to Sierra Leone using an online transfer.

Few places accept credit cards in Sierra Leone
In addition to the issues mentioned few places even accept credit cards which could make the one you sent your recipient virtually useless. So set up an online money transfer to Sierra Leone and you can rest easy knowing that your recipient will get their money. Sierra Leone uses the Leone (SLL) as their currency and like every other currency in the world the exchange rates can vary. You can check the currency rate Sierra Leone follows at the time of your transfer so you will always know exactly how much money your recipient will receive.

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