Senegal Travel money card
A Travel money card is a credit card which the sender would load with foreign currency and then sent through to their recipient. Many people all over the world will use this as a way to transfer money to Senegal as it is very straightforward. It can take some time however for the Travel money card to reach a recipient, which is no good if the recipient needs the money in a hurry.

Online transfer to Senegal
An online transfer is a fantastic way to arrange a money transfer to Senegal. It is very fast and straightforward and an incredibly safe way to get money to your chosen recipient. Senegal use the CFA franc as their unit of currency and this is linked to the Euro. However if you are planning on exchanging a foreign currency for the CFA franc you can see the currency rate Senegal money is being exchanged for when you set up your transfer. When you do this you will be able to tell your recipient exactly how much money he or she should expect to receive.

Send travellers cheques to Senegal
Another method which is also quite popular is to send travellers cheques to a recipient in Senegal. Once again unlike a currency transfer to Senegal this can take some time so it is not a good method if you are looking for a fast transfer. Instead think about an online method of getting money to your recipient of this will be much smoother and faster.

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