Friends or family members need fast cash
You might know someone who lives in this area who need to have some fast cash. This could be for an emergency and with this in mind it is important that you choose a method that will get the cash to your recipient quickly. So rather than sending a bank to bank transfer use an online money transfer to Saint Helena as you know this will enable your recipient to have their money much faster.

You are setting up a new business
You might be lucky enough to be setting up a new business on the island and this means that you may need to arrange a currency transfer to Saint Helena. Once again you will find that you will get an excellent service by using an online exchange broker. You will also be able to see the currency rate Saint Helena currency is following at the time of your transfer. The unit of currency that is used on the island is the Saint Helenian Pound (SHP) and this is a currency that is linked to the pounds Sterling.

You are paying for goods or services
In some instances you may need to arrange a money transfer to Saint Helena to pay for something that you have bought on the island. This is becoming a much more common way of paying for goods and services in another country. You do not have to give the sell your credit card details or put your finances at any risk with you use this method of transfer, which is why so many people are using it right now.

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