Banks have hidden fees in Rwanda
You might not be aware of this but many banks will have hidden fees when it comes to arranging a transfer of funds between countries. Often a person will not even know about these fees until they have already arranged to send money to Rwanda. By this time it is often too late to reclaim any of the money that you have unintentionally spent in fees. An online currency transfer on the other hand will have minimal fees and these are set out clearly for anyone to see before they set up a transfer.

Rwandan Banks can give a lower rate of exchange
Another issue with a bank to bank transfer is that banks can give a lower rate of exchange on Rwandan currency. Often they will not use the currency rate Rwanda currency is being exchanged for on an online exchange brokers website. This means that you will lose out on a great exchange rate if you use a bank. The currency that is used in Rwanda is the Rwandan Franc and this is known by the symbol RWF, so look out for this when you are organising your online transfer.

Bank transfers take too long in Rwanda
Unlike a bank an online transfer is very fast and this is where the reasons why so many people transfer money to Rwanda using an online system. Banks will typically take five working days to complete a transfer of funds. Online transfers on the other hand will take a matter of moments which is a much better time scale.

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