Transferring Money through Banks in Russia
Transfer through banks is very quick since instantaneous fund transfers are possible. The Russian Rubble which is one of the world’s oldest currencies is the official currency of Russia. Hundred kopecks make up one Rubble. The rubble is still used in many countries that belonged to the former Soviet Union.

Currency Exchange for Russia
Visitors will also find travellers’ cheques as the one of the most reliable and safe method of carrying your money around Russia. You can find many foreign exchange offices in cities like St. Petersburg and Russia, but this may not be in the case of smaller ones. Generally no commission is charged when you exchange dollars to Rubbles. Make an effort to locate offices that offer reasonable rates. The currency exchange offices located at airports and railway stations have lower currency rate in Russia.

Convenience and Diversity of currency in Russia
The money transfer brokers offer a wide array of services and give you a choice to select the office that is closest to you to transfer money to Russia. Convenience is an important aspect that you should look into before doing currency transfer to Russia. You can never be far from any one of their branches. So a quick and safe transfer can be done due to the proximity of the location of the office to you. Anyone can send money to Russia using this mode of transfer, all you have to do is to open an account with the money transfer broker.

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