The most economical option available in Romania
Because of the way the system works, the most economical and reliable way to send money to Romania is to use a rapid service like a money transfer organisation. There are plenty well known companies like these that make the process easy and hassle free. You can transfer money by visiting their counters personally or by using an online account that you might have with them. When you use this method, the money is available to the recipient is about 10 minutes. The recipient can also collect this money in cash up to a certain amount.

Postal money orders to Romania
Postal money orders cannot be used for money transfer to Romania as they are not yet permitted. Even thought this is the cheapest and most economical method that is used by most other countries, the Romanian government is yet to make it available to the public. There is hope that it will soon be accepted because of the fact that Romania is opening up to the European market.

Illegal means of getting currency in to Romania
It is important to ensure that your currency transfer to Romania is done by legal channels. Illegal channels will cost you the same amount if not more and you run great risks of your money not reaching the right hands. It could get stolen en route or even get caught up in customs. The worst part is the fact that there is no difference in the commission that you will be paying the operator.

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