Send money online
The fastest and cheapest way to arrange a currency transfer to Reunion is to use an online exchange broker. These are companies that will transfer money between individuals in different countries for a minimal fee. Transfers are fast and straight forward and anyone who wants transfer money to Reunion will find that this is a fantastic way of doing so that they can rely on.

Check the currency rate online
When it comes to checking the currency rate Reunion is following you can do this online on the exchange brokers site. As mentioned the unit of currency in Reunion is the Euro and this is what you will need to convert your currency into when you arrange your transfer. Using a currency converter is very easy and you can see in the second how many Euros your recipient will be receiving at their end.

The Euro
The Euro is a strong currency which is one of its main benefits. Although the rate of exchange for the Euro will vary many people find that it has a much more favourable rate of exchange than many of the other worldwide currencies. The Euro has been used in Reunion since 2002 and this was the first place in the world to accept the Euro as a legally recognised form of currency. Today there are many countries worldwide use the Euro and these are becoming more and more widespread as time passes. So when you are arranging your money transfer to Reunion you need to use Euros.

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