Limited banking hours
As the banking hours in Paraguay are limited it can be difficult to cash travellers cheques. Most banks will only open Monday to Friday between 7:30 AM and 11 AM which means that you have to be up early to be able to use them to cash travellers cheques. As a result of this many people now choose to send money to Paraguay using a direct transfer as the funds will be available to the recipient in local currency. There is no need to use in exchanging facility.

No risk of counterfeit notes
The currency of Paraguay is the Guarani (PYG) this is accepted in all shops, restaurants, hotels and so on. In addition to using the Guarani the US dollar is also widely accepted while you are in Paraguay. To work out which is the best to send to your recipients take a look at the currency rate Paraguay is following. Once again by doing this your recipient will not have to do exchange any money. This means that there will be no risk of them picking up counterfeit notes. These are flooding the market thanks to illegal street vendors who are exchanging them for foreign currency such as dollars.

Credit cards are not widely accepted
Finally, there is little point in sending a prepaid credit card to your recipient as a means of completing a currency transfer to Paraguay. This is because there are few places that actually except credit cards. So if you would like your recipients to have their money sooner a money transfer is the best option.

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