Two currencies are in use in Namibia
In Namibia there are two currencies that are currently in use. One is the Namibian dollar (NAD) and the other is the South African Rand (ZAR) and it is possible to use either of these currencies in any area in the country. Then the Namibian dollar is the main unit of currency and it is equal to the South African rand which is why both currencies can be freely used in the country. So when it comes to choosing the currency you will be sending for a money transfer to Namibia you should choose either one.

Choose the currency with the best rate in Namibia
You might want to look at the two currencies and see which have the best currency rate, Namibia currency like any other currency will fluctuate so it pays to know the latest rate. You will not have to pay to take a look at this rate and you can do it whenever you like if you use an online exchange broker.

Send money quickly online to Namibia
To make sure that your recipient gets their money very quickly when you transfer money to Namibia think about using an online currency broker. In the majority of cases recipients will get their money on the same day of transfer which is preferential to a five-day wait when you transfer money between banks. This means that you do not have to worry if you need to get funds to someone in another country quickly if they cannot afford to wait.

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