Which currency to use in Myanmar?
It is important to know the currency you will be sending to a foreign country. Myanmar uses the Myanmar kyat as their only form of currency, so this is what you should be sending to your recipient. Like many other countries it is also possible to exchange foreign currency in Myanmar, but this can sometimes be very time consuming. With this in mind it makes better sense to arrange a money transfer to your recipient in the country. By doing this you can rest assured that they will receive the funds quickly when they need them.

Variable street rate for currency in Myanmar
While the actual official exchange rate for currency in Myanmar has kept around the same map for the past five or so years the street rate can vary dramatically. This is something that you will need to take your mind when you arrange a currency transfer to Myanmar. To make sure that you are getting a good deal for your currency check the currency rate Myanmar are following when you are exchanging your money.

Rumours of demonetisation in Myanmar
As the Myanmar kyat has had quite a chequered past with many notes being created on the black market. In order to deal with these the government had demonetised the banknote several times throughout the past 60 years. While there are usually rumours of demonetisation with regard to the Myanmar Kyat this is something that should not concern you when you wish to transfer money to Myanmar.

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